Supreme Gift Silver Necklace - Labradorite & Clear Quartz

  • $60.00

The Supreme Gift necklace is named for its beautiful clear quartz crystal pendant.  In the metaphysical world, clear quartz crystals are considered the supreme gift of Mother Earth.  

The clear quartz pendant features long elegant chain dangles hanging from a matte labradorite stone.  It is available on either an 18" for 30" 14k gold filled chain with gold plated accents.

An essential stone for everyone, labradorite qualities include:

  • excellent stone to assist through change
  • supports transformation, imparts strength and perseverance
  • stimulates imagination
  • calms an overactive mind

Clear quartz is known as "the master healer".  It is also known for:

  • amplifying intentions and the energies of other stones
  • harmony
  • mental clarity
  • enhances energy
  • calmness