Amplify Necklace - Onyx & Clear Quartz

  • $70.00

The Amplify necklace features a stunning clear quartz crystal pendant with chain tassels.  Clear Quartz is known to amplify whatever energy or intent is programmed into it.  It is accented with brilliant star cut onyx stones and gold plated accents. 

Strung on a 22" chain which is available in either 14k gold filled or antique gold plated chain.

Perfect for vata dosha types, onyx is also known for:

  • balancing
  • emotional and physical strength and stamina
  • excellent for those starting a new journey that requires strength and commitment
  • fosters wise decision making

Clear quartz is known as "the master healer".  It is also known for:

  • amplifying intentions and the energies of other stones
  • harmony
  • mental clarity
  • enhances energy
  • calmness