Blissful Balance Gold Necklace - Carnelian & Clear Quartz

  • $62.00

The Blissful Balance necklace features a gorgeous clear quartz crystal pendant with elegant chain dangles hanging from a matte carnelian stone.  It is strung on an 18" 14k gold filled chain with gold plated accents.

A balancing stone for pitta and kapha types, Carnelian's qualities also include:

  • stabilizing
  • restores vitality and motivation
  • calms anger and protects against envy, rage and resentment
  • sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy
  • useful for overcoming abuse of any kind
  • boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality

Clear quartz is known as "the master healer".  Its qualities include:

  • amplifying intentions and the energies of other stones
  • harmony
  • mental clarity
  • enhances energy
  • calmness