Ebb & Flow Necklace - Moonstone

  • $40.00

The Ebb and Flow necklace features a petite crescent shaped moonstone pendant with electroplated silver accents strung on a delicate 18" sterling silver chain.

Crescent moons symbolize the feminine moon goddess, and is associated with female empowerment, womanhood and fertility. The moon also symbolizes change, for just as the moon cycles through phases, so does life.

Moonstone is excellent for balancing pitta dosha.  It is the "Goddess stone" and wonderful for all women.  Its qualities include:

  • hormone regulator - excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and menopause
  • A stone for “new beginnings”
  • promotes inner growth and strength 
  • soothes emotional instability and stress
  • stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness
  • encourages harmony in relationships
  • the "traveler's stone" - particularly protective of those who travel at night
  • helps to relieve stress, fear and tension during childbirth
  • believed to aid contractions and promote healthy lactation