Harmony Necklace - Amethyst

  • $60.00

The Harmony necklace features geometric detailing in a gorgeous hexagon amethyst slab with electroplated gold edging and strung on a 24" gold plated chain.  The diamond shaped detailing is available in small (7/16") or large (5/8").

Of all the geometric shapes in sacred geometry, the hexagon is the most powerful and fascinating.  It is found in many spiritual symbols (Star of David, Tree of Life) while in nature it is found in snowflakes, honeycombs and even in the structure of our DNA.  Beyond earth, a cloud vortex in the shape of a hexagon was discovered on Saturn.

Numerically, with its six sides, hexagons represent harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. The spiritual meaning of number six also deals with enlightenment, specifically "lighting" our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance.

Amethyst is an excellent stone for keeping pitta dosha in balance.  Its other properties include:

  • eases anxiety
  • stills the mind
  • calms angry temperaments
  • enhances creativity, imagination and passion
  • a stone of comfort for the terminally ill or those grieving the loss of a loved one

Please note, each amethyst pendant is unique and may vary in size and shape with shades ranging from purple, pinks to even greenish hues.