Moonstone & Pink Opal Macrame Plant Hanger

  • $40.00

This beautifully handcrafted macrame plant hanger features faceted moonstone and pink opal dangling from gold chain. 

Moonstone is excellent for balancing pitta dosha.  It is the "Goddess stone" and particularly wonderful for all women.  Its qualities include:

  • hormone regulator - excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
  • A stone for “new beginnings”
  • promotes inner growth and strength 
  • soothes emotional instability and stress
  • stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness
  • encourages harmony in relationships
  • the "traveler's stone" - particularly protective of those who travel at night
  • helps to relieve stress, fear and tension during childbirth

Pink Opal is a good stone for balancing pitta dosha.  Its qualities also include:

  • encourages peace & tranquility
  • compassion
  • supports love & kindness of oneself and with others
  • stone of renewal
  • a good stone for sensitive people
  • brings inspiration, imagination and creativity

This piece is approximately 36" long x 4" wide.

Please note, some wall hangings are made to order and may require an extra week of processing time before shipping.  Each piece is handmade and may vary slightly in appearance.