Universal Reality Bracelet - African Opal

  • $38.00

The Universal Reality bracelet features a gorgeous faceted African opal stone flanked by 8mm African opal stones and 14k gold filled or sterling silver beads.  This pitta balancing style looks fabulous on it's own or stacked with a simpler style like the New Kind of Freedom bracelet or the Thread of Awareness bracelet.

African opal's qualities include:

  • opal is a stone of inspiration
  • enhances imagination and creativity
  • increases mental capacities
  • facilitates memory
  • can calm turbulent emotions, encourages inner peace
  • helps with communication and companionship

This stretch style is available in three sizes:

S:  6 3/4"
M: 7"
L:  7 1/4"

Note: This style is designed to sit around the mid wrist.