Samata Skin

100% Plant Based Skincare Infused with the Healing Power of Gemstones!  

100% Cold Pressed Plant Oils
We use some of the best, most nutrient dense cold-pressed plant oils to ensure our serums contain the highest levels of skin nurturing vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish and heal your skin, encourage collagen production and protect against free radical damage.  Some of our oils include Baobob, Marula, Argan & Rosehip.   

Pure Essential Oils 
We incorporate the most effective skin enhancing plant essential oils to encourage cellular regeneration, even out tone, brighten the complexion, hydrate deeply, regulate sebum production and diminish wrinkles and pigmentation. Bonus: they also have the power to increase mental clarity and brain function (thank you rosemary!) as well as calm and quiet the mind (YES patchouli, lavender & ylang ylang)

We infuse each formula with gemstones such as rose quartz, citrine & amethyst to supercharge our skincare and raise their healing vibrations.   

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