Aquamarine & Rose Quartz Macrame Wall Hanging

  • $65.00

This beautifully handcrafted macrame wall hanging is adorned with a large faceted aquamarine stone and five rose quartz stones.

This is the perfect wall hanging for your baby's nursery, as both aquamarine and rose quartz are known for their protective qualities of infants. 

Aquamarine is a great stone to have around any home, as it is also known for the following properties:

  • balances pitta and vata doshas
  • protective qualities
  • calming energy
  • anti-anxiety aid
  • encourages a quiet mind
  • clarifies perception
  • sharpens the intellect

Rose quartz enhances the mother/baby bond, both during pregnancy and after the birth.  It is also known for:

  • stone of universal love
  • encourages self-esteem and self-worth
  • promotes trust and harmony in relationships
  • naturally protective stone
  • helps keep mother and baby safe from conception through infancy
  • eases stress with fertility and the female reproductive system
  • supports healing after labor and birth

This piece is approximately 12" wide x 24" long. 

Please note, some wall hangings are made to order and may require an extra week of processing time before shipping.  Each piece is handmade and may vary slightly in appearance.