Higher Consciousness Bracelet - African Opal

  • $25.00

Our Higher Consciousness bracelet features 4mm matte African opal stones with a silver plated Om charm and accents. 

The perfect style for layering with several bracelets or wear on its own for a delicate look. 

Om is an ancient symbol and mantra and is said to be the first sound from the beginning of time.  It symbolizes the past, present and future, the mind, body and soul, and encompasses the entire universe and all of creation.

African opal is great for balancing pitta dosha.  Its qualities also include:

  • opal is a stone of inspiration
  • enhances imagination and creativity
  • increases mental capacities
  • facilitates memory
  • can calm turbulent emotions, encourages inner peace
  • helps with communication and companionship

This stretch styles is approximately 7" and designed to fit most.