Intelligent Awareness Men's Kapha Balancing Bracelet

  • $56.00

Bring Intelligent Awareness into your daily life with this men's bracelet which features a mix of red garnet and cat's eye stones for their kapha balancing qualities.  It is available with either 14K gold filled or sterling silver accents.

Red garnet is also known for:

  • regeneration
  • vitality
  • balancing and stabilizing
  • a stone of positive thoughts which is said to dispel and relieve depression
  • used to overcome crisis and trauma
  • known to boost fertility

Cat's eye is also known for:

  • abundance and protection
  • aids concentration
  • promotes sense of security, courage and confidence
  • strengthens willpower and discipline

Sizing:  Our men's stretch styles are approximately 8 1/2"
Custom sizing available upon request.

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