Intelligent Awareness Men's Pitta Balancing Bracelet

  • $56.00

Bring Intelligent Awareness into your daily life with this men's bracelet which features a mix of matte lapis lazuli and aquamarine stones for their pitta balancing qualities.  It is available with either 14K gold filled or sterling silver accents.

Lapis lazulis' qualities also include:

  • harmony
  • deep inner self-knowledge
  • enhances intuition and self-truth
  • inspires confidence
  • stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity
  • known to be a good stone for writers

Aquamarine is also known for:

  • protective qualities; protection stone for travelers
  • calming energy; encourages a quiet mind
  • clarifies perception; sharpens the intellect

Sizing:  Our men's stretch styles are approximately 8 1/2"
Custom sizing available upon request.