Onyx, Red Garnet & Pink Tourmaline Mala - To Uplift, Balance & Protect

  • $125.00

This gorgeous mala necklace features 6mm faceted black onyx stones accented with dark pink tourmaline and red garnet and features a faceted dark pink tourmaline guru stone.  This hand knotted mala has 108 beads and is finished with a cotton tassel.  Lovingly made by hand in the U.S.A.

This mala is a great choice for supporting positivity, vitality and overall balancing of mind and body.  It has strong protective qualities and is perfect for balancing vata dosha.  Both onyx and red garnet are also excellent supportive stones for pregnancy and childbirth.

Onyx is also known for:

  • balancing
  • grounding
  • protection
  • emotional and physical strength and stamina
  • excellent for those starting a new journey that requires strength and commitment
  • fosters a focused mind & wise decision making

Red garnet is also known for:

  • regeneration
  • vitality
  • balancing and stabilizing
  • a stone of positive thoughts which is said to dispel and relieve depression
  • used to overcome crisis and trauma

Pink tourmaline properties include:

  • encourages positivity and passion for love & life
  • tempers depression & obsession
  • heals the emotional heart & draws on the energy of Universal Love
  • promotes lively & sociable attitude
  • protective qualities