Purity Bracelet - Labradorite & African Opal

  • $45.00

Our Purity bracelet features a calming combination of labradorite and African opal with a double sided gold or silver plated lotus flower bead and accents. 

An essential stone for everyone, labradorite qualities include:

  • excellent stone to assist through change
  • supports transformation, imparts strength and perseverance
  • stimulates imagination
  • calms an overactive mind

Great for balancing pitta dosha, African opal's qualities also include:

  • opal is a stone of inspiration
  • enhances imagination and creativity
  • increases mental capacities
  • facilitates memory
  • can calm turbulent emotions, encourages inner peace
  • helps with communication and companionship

This stretch style is approximately 7" and designed to fit most.