Universal Reality Bracelet - Howlite & Clear Quartz

  • $55.00

The Universal Reality bracelet features a gorgeous clear quartz stone flanked by 6mm matte howlite stones and 14k gold filled beads.  This style looks fabulous on its own or stacked.

Howlite is great for balancing pitta dosha.  Its qualities include:

  • calming energy
  • aids relaxation due to stress and anxiety
  • decreases an overly critical mind, anger & selfishness
  • aids communication and eases confrontations
  • encourages subtlety and tact
  • heightens creativity

Clear quartz is known as "the master healer".  It is also known for:

  • harmony
  • clarity
  • energy
  • calmness

This stretch style is approximately 7".  Custom sizing is available.